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Rite of Passage and Rite of Passage Hypertrophy Bias : 2024


Rite of Passage and Rite of Passage Hypertrophy Bias : 2024

My New Strength Evolution
Over the years I've experimented with many different strength programs.  I've gleaned useful things from all of them. By far my favorite has been the Rite of Passage by Pavel Tsatsouline.  This program focuses on the clean and press with a hint of swings/snatches.  The goal of this program is to eventually press 1/2 bodyweight and pass the secret service snatch test.  My evolution is taking all of my resources and combining the best parts without violating any principles.

My Rite of Passage Plan
This plan is inspired by Milo of Croton.  Milo of Croton was an ancient wrestler who carried a calf until it grew into a bull.  Thus 'discovering' progressive overload.  While I am strong enough to press half bodyweight, I am restarting this program with the small 16kg kettlebell.  Slowly moving up the weights until I eventually reach my upper risk to reward which for me is likely around 48kg.  No rush and no fuss, taking my time and enjoying the process.  Not looking to impress only looking for intrinsic progress.  There will be days where I need to skip due to scheduling issues, that's fine.  All I do is take that day off and pick up when my schedule settles.  Your body doesn't know the difference between 7 and 8 days, don't let perfection be the enemy of progress.
  • Day 1 (L)
    • Light Presses
      • Superset
    • Chin Ups
    • Light Snatches
  • Day 2 (V) (Done 4kg Heavier than Press)
    • Turkish Get Up
  • Day 3 (M)
    • Medium Presses
      • Superset
    • Chin Ups
    • Medium Effort Swings
  • Day 4 (V) (Done 4kg Heavier than Press)
    • Turkish Get Up
  • Day 5 (O)
    • Off Day
  • Day 6 (H)
    • Hard Presses
      • Superset
    • Chin Ups
    • Hard Effort Swings
  • Day 7 (O)
    • Off Day
Some More Info :
  • Variety Days (Feel free to skip these if you are tired, have a scheduling constraint or you just 'aren't feeling it'.
    • 5(1) 4kg Heavier than Press Loaded Carry Cook Drill
      • This will allow you to get some loaded carries in while at the same time working all ranges of motion of the press : overhead, the rack and the suitcase carry.
      • Doing it with a heavier than your working weight will get your nervous system accustomed to the next weight.  Then when you eventually move up to this weight, you'll recognize it!
  • Warm-Up
    • Joint Circling
    • Toe Touch/Reach Overhead
    • Stick Dislocates
  • Grease the Groove Flexibility
    • Trifecta (20 Second Holds) (Various progressions and regressions)
      • Bridge
      • L-Sit
      • Twist
  • Pre-Bed Flexibility (1 to 3 Circuits except Bar Hang done Once at the End)
    • 90/90 Stretch
    • QL Straddle Stretch
    • Passive Bar Hang
  • Off Day
    • Don't do anything.
  • Between Sets
    • Walk Around and Shake it Out.  Don't just sit there!
    • Use expand your hand bands between ladders that aren't timed.
      • This will allow you to give your extensors some work while getting some active recovery.
      • Keep it intuitive and light, we aren't counting reps here.
  • My Approach to Swing and Snatches
    • In the book Pavel recommends to snatch 50-60% on Light Days.  Swing 70-80% on Medium Days.  Swing 100% on Heavy Days.  I use Simple and Sinister and the snatch test as my guide.
      • Light Days
        • Snatch about 50 to 60% if you went all out.
          • 5 Left/5 Right each Minute
      • Medium Days
        • Swing about 70 to 80% if you went all out.  Swing to a comfortable stop.
          • 8 Two Hand Swings each Minute 
      • Heavy Day
        • Swing 'Pedal to the Metal' and do as many you can in the allotted time. 
          • 10 Two Hand Swings each Minute.
    • You roll two dice for this and whatever the dice show is the total time of your pull session.
Rite of Passage Hypertrophy Bias
Once I complete a cycle of the Rite of Passage, I will repeat the cycle again with a hypertrophy bias.  Everything about the RoP stays the same except :
  • 1 Minute Rest between Ladders and Rungs
  • Chin Up weighed down with Press Sized Kettlebell
  • A Pre-Workout Glass of Whole Milk with Fruit
  • The expand your hand bands are omitted because everything is timed.
I think this will help me solidify my strength gains while giving me (God Willing) some hypertrophy along the way.  

Then when I hit my next cycle, my chin ups will feel extra light and I'll have a bit more muscle on my frame.
Conclusion and Summary
There you have it.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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