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The Deathly Hallows : A Three Pronged Approach to Longevity

The Deathly Hallows : Trifecta of Longevity

You Can Have It All My Empire of Dirt

By Adam Mundorf

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
"They consisted of the Elder Wand, an immensely powerful wand that was considered unbeatable; the Resurrection Stone, a stone which could summon the spirits of the dead, and the Cloak of Invisibility, which, as its name suggests, rendered the user completely invisible. According to legend, he who possessed these three artifacts would become the Master of Death"

My Interpretation
For many people this may seem like just a story.  To me the meaning goes far deeper.  While the human body can't sustain forever, we can live an extraordinary active and healthy life deep into old age by following three key tenets.  My version of the three deathly hallows.

Three Main Categories :
  1. The Physical Body
    1. Muscles, Joints and Tendons
    2. Nutrition
  2. The Mental, Moral, Relationships and Philosophical State
    1. Clarity of Mind and Stoic Philosophy
    2. Doing the Right Thing Regardless
    3. Sexual Transmutation/Semen Retention/Dangers of Pornography
    4. Bringing Children into this World you Can't Afford, Women and Single Moms
      1. Selfishness and Simplicity
      2. Women hitting the Wall
      3. Single Moms
      4. Divorce and Marriage
    5. Coming to Terms with Death
  3. The Financial Fortress
    1. Planning for Long Life and for those who come after.
    2. The Importance of having Fuck You Money
Go into the following paragraphs with an open mind and spirit.  Think about how many people around you are plagued by addiction to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.  Think about all the people around you, who complain about pain but their pain is many times self inflicted.  Ask yourself : Why emulate those who have it all wrong?  Why follow in the footsteps of those who do harm to themselves and their family/friends/relationships?

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, in through the nose/out through the mouth.  Pretend you're breathing in white light and breathing out black smoke.

The Physical Body

Our body is resilient and flexible until it's not.  It can deal with decades of abuse until something just snaps.  Being born with a health body and abusing it is a disservice to God.  There are many people whether through acts of God or war, wish they could have the opportunity to have a healthy body again.  In the following paragraphs, I will teach you how.  These aren't my ideas, they were past down to me by mentors like Jack Lalanne, Steve Maxwell and Ori Hofmekler.

Muscles - Joints - Tendons - Cardio

Joints and Tendons : The Strength Conundrum
For longevity, I believe the most important thing is joint health and tendon health.  Being able to move fluidly and smoothly through space without pain should be a priority.  Most people really don't need to be all that strong.  Past a certain point, I believe reaching for strength becomes a detriment.  Unless you're someone who makes a living by lifting weights, moving from a 400lb deadlift to a 500lb deadlift won't improve your quality of life.  The higher you move up the strength scale, the more it becomes not worth it.  Speaking of weights, are they even necessary?

Exercise Modality for Longevity
Weights are not required to have a healthy and long life but a form of resistance certainly is.  Resistance can be weights, bodyweight or anything that stresses your muscles, your body cannot tell the difference.  Honestly, it doesn't matter what modality you choose but I do believe your bodyweight is the best modality.  Too many people dismiss bodyweight training as too easy or not effective because it's actually more difficult than weight training.  Bodyweight training really magnifies weaknesses and imbalances.  If you progress to very advance forms of bodyweight training, you'll be as strong as you ever need to be.  Imagine if you could master the following exercises : One Armed Push Ups, Pistol Squats, One Arm Chin Ups, Strict Hanging Leg Raises, Handstand Pushups, Stand to Stand Bridges, One Arm Fingertip Pushups, Doubled Over Towel Hangs with One Arm, One Legged Calf Raises off Steps and Neck Bridges.  You'd be practically inhuman in terms of strength.

This is my theory on what is ideal for longevity but I'll be honest it's not what I do.  I love weights a bit too much to go pure calisthenics.  It's also worth noting that every exercise modality works, it's the one that you'll stick to that will provide results.

Rep Speed and Tempo for Longevity
I've come to the conclusion that the bulk of one's training should be done with a slow, deliberate and purposeful cadence.  Especially when performed with joint longevity in mind.  Going slow and keeping complete control of a movement allows our to master a movement while at the same time sparing your joints and building time under tension.  This doesn't mean that explosive don't have a place but there is a risk in explosive movements.  The quality of repetitions will always overrule the number of repetitions.

Keeping your Joints Healthy for Life
If there is one area of health and fitness that doesn't get enough respect, it's joint and tendon health. If your joints are sore and hurting, your quality of life will suffer.  Most joint problems stem from inactivity and not overuse.  Luckily, avoiding joint and tendon problems are easy, if you follow these simple steps : Choose your exercises carefully, Perform mobility drills daily, Move frequently throughout the day and spend time on the floor.

Cardio for Longevity
Cardio for longevity is different than conventional cardio.  You don't want to be a marathon runner, running 3 to 5 miles on grass is more than enough.  I think running is an essential skill for self defense, the best self defense is running away.  Swimming, jump rope and running are all good forms of cardio when not done to extremes.

Nutrition - Intermittent Fasting - Food Layering

Nutrition is a very complex and confusing subject but one that I believe has a very simple answer.  Our biology is very clear.  We were never meant to eat and graze on food all day..... end of story.  We were never meant to shovel down massive amounts of protein.  We were never meant to eat copious amounts of meat if at all.  Personally, I'm a Pescatarian.  Many years ago I worked on an organic CSA farm.  I did everything on the farm : gathering vegetables/fruits, collecting eggs, taking care of the animals and catching the pasture raised animals for slaughter.  Having to catch the animals that I bonded with and raised broke my heart.  It's not something I would be willing to do everyday and certainly taking a life is not to be taken lightly.  There are things I am willing to do : I am willing to milk animals everyday, I am willing to fish everyday, I am willing to forage and pick vegetables/fruit everyday.

My view on eating style is inspired by Ori Hofmekler's Warrior Diet and 7 Principles of Stress.  The nutritional philosophy is centered around 18 - 20 hours of fasting or under-eating and 4 - 6 hours of "overeating".  Being able to perform without any fuel in the body is an important skill.  This eating style provides energy during the day and full compensation at night.  There are certain nuances to the above style but that's for a different post.  My view on body composition and health.  I believe that if you aren't too skinny or morbidly obese you're fine.  Seriously, stop stressing about getting that six pack or looking a certain way, that stress is probably killing you faster than having a bit of fat will.  If you can still move reasonably well, joints feel good and are feeling well, you're fine.

Food layering with intermittent fasting.  I believe that layering food is very important for digestion and health.  Generally speaking it involves eating in order by speed of digestion :
  1. Caffeine
  2. Kombucha
  3. Light Protein Meal with Light Fruit
    1. Greek Yogurt
    2. Kefir
    3. Whey
  4. Main Meal (Dinner)
    1. Large Salad
    2. Steamed Vegetables
    3. Heavier Protein Source
      1. Eggs
      2. Fish
      3. Meat
      4. Cheese
  5. Supplements
    1. Multi-Vitamin
    2. Fish Oil
    3. Creatine
My Only Insecurity 

My Ongoing War With Halitosis, Halitophobia and Candida : How Diet and Fermented Foods Factors In
This one will be tough to get out because I've been debilitated by it in the past and currently.  I feel it's important to include here because of others who may be dealing with it.  Back in approximately 2017, a girlfriend of mine  unintentionally really hurt me.  It's the thing everyone fears, you are going in for a kiss and they pull away.  Apparently I was suffering from halitosis (bad breath).  When I say this sent me for a mental loop that would be an understatement.  I never had a cavity, I saw the dentist regularly and my health was perfect.  The dentist found nothing wrong.... I started to distance myself from people, running away from close contact.  I stopped going out to eat with people in fear of being judged.  I started obsessively chewing gum and nuking my mouth with aggressive mouthwashes and toothpastes.  I can't/couldn't have a romantic relationship because this fear was that debilitating.  This still bothers me to this day, a whole 5 years later.  Hearing murmurs of my problem, people talking about me or judging really affected my mental health. Although it still bothers me, I am no longer being a victim.  I am taking steps to improve myself and I believe it is working.  It turns out that gut health can cause halitosis, it turns out that having a white coating on my tongue is not normal.  Not everything is strictly about the mouth.  I had/have an aggressive candida infection.

In the beginning of 2022 I began ingesting a plethora of probiotic and fermented foods in order to improve my health.  Specifically, I began drinking a kombucha everyday, eating Greek yogurt everyday and drinking a cup of kefir.  My white coated tongue has disappeared and has become a normal color again.  I'm certainly not as self conscious about my issue and my personal self image is improving but as with anything it is a process.

The Mind - Philosophy - Morality

The Mental, Moral and Philosophical State

When it comes to long term health, happiness and life satisfaction, the quality of your thoughts is quite possibly the most important discipline.  In life, pain is necessary but suffering is optional.  The following sections will explain how to cultivate a calm mind, thoughts on morality, sexual transmutation and coming to terms with dying.

Stoicism, Meditation and the Calm Mind
What other philosophy can be practiced by a Roman Emperor and a slave born in different time periods?  The answer is Stoicism.  Stoicism is the practice of virtue and the highest good.  Accepting things you cannot control and processing negative situations in a neutral or positive manner.  Every 'negative' situation has a positive or neutral spin.
  1. You had a bad day?
    1. At least you had a day to have!
  2. Someone was mean to you?
    1. That's more reflective on them than it is of you.  You can't control how other people behave, only how you react to it.
  3. Are you feeling fear?
    1. Future
    2. Events
    3. Aren't
    4. Real
  4. Dwelling on something that happened in the past?
    1. The past is over, the future hasn't happened yet so all we have is right now.
  5. Dwelling on a future situation that hasn't even come to fruition?
    1. Agonizing in your mind only allows you to suffer twice.
    2. Oftentimes when we reach the situation, it is never as bad as we expected.
Meditation is a tool for inner peace.  Just taking a moment from the business and activity of everyday life.  Many people in today's day and age find it very difficult to unplug.  Always watching something or listening to something but they find silence to be uncomfortable.  Don't be afraid to just sit in silence, whether that is for 10 minutes or an hour.  Breathe slowly, deliberately and close your eyes.

"Good moral character is the first essential in a man." - George Washington

I can't think of anything more satisfying long term than doing the right thing regardless of judgement or circumstance.  Being able to look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you knowingly did not inflict harm.  Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do.  Sometimes it's downright difficult and oftentimes pleasure or instant gratification is given up for long term life satisfaction.
  1. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.
Masturbation - Dangers of Pornography - Sexual Transmutation - Why Sex is to be Valued

"All ancient cultures, where life moved slowly and people observed things, did not miss the fact that in the male orgasm something is lost and given up. They also did not miss the fact that this loss has a tremendous effect on the male.(…)

Since the orgasm has this negative effect on males, its avoidance has the opposite effect. By storing up sexual energy a man becomes stronger, healthier, and more vital. He becomes more ambitious too and creative in doing good. He becomes more patient and successful with people. And he develops stamina and endurance to see his works through to conclusions. So the sexually restrained male becomes more successful in general. Beyond that, he even develops occult power to influence things by sheer thought and will."

Porn, Sex and Semen Retention
I am not anti-pleasure.  I am not anti-gratification.  I love sex allot but I understand that it must not be taken lightly.  As you read what's below, keep an open mind that goes further than just the physical world around us.  Don't be afraid to explore ideas and dive into the intricacies of things that are just taken at face value.

This is a tricky part for many men and women.  I've struggled with this for at least a decade.  It's a double edged sword.  Porn plants unrealistic expectations in the mind of young men and women.  The average woman you meet is not a porn star.  The average man you meet is not a porn star.  These are movies and fantasies that do not hold up in real life.  This is also not to ignore the fact that many couples will hide the type and frequency of their pornography from their significant others.  Why is that?  Why is there shame towards something that is supposed to be encouraged by society?  It almost seems like a type of silent infidelity.  Many women/men are unfulfilled sexually in their relationships and I believe that pornography is a big part of the issue.  Women ask themselves, "What does she have that I don't?".  Men ask themselves, "What does he have that I don't?".  "Why is our bedroom sexless yet, he/she has time and energy to watch pornography?  Worst of all hide the habit?"  Communicate with your partner, what they want from the bedroom and focus all the energy you would've spent on pornography and masturbating bonding/communicating/pleasuring/loving your real life partner, who hopefully is a quality soul.

In reality sex is an intimate act not to be taken lightly.  You are putting yourself into a vulnerable position and are exchanging energy with somebody else.  You must be selective on who you do these acts with or risk the consequences of getting mixed up with some real negative or toxic people.  To make matters even more serious, a human being can be created from this act.  A whole soul that will laugh, cry and be a person.  Don't take this lightly.  Choose a quality person who is worthy of you.  Many hypergamous people feel very low about themselves and are constantly looking for something or someone to fill that void and give them a quick dopamine hit.  Long term they end up feeling very empty and often times dirty because the people they choose to be intimate with, didn't deserve them in their most vulnerable form.  I'll leave you with this :  Why should a man value you, when you haven't valued yourself?  While your body count doesn't dictate your value as a human, it does dictate your value as a long term partner.

Semen Retention
Semen Retention is an ancient practice which involves refraining from ejaculation and in some cases having non-ejaculatory orgasm.  I've practiced this off and on for about a decade.  It's a very hard philosophy to follow in modern life, especially when pornography and sexually explicit media is all around us.  In all of my readings I've come to the conclusion that all semen retention is, is a transfer of energy.  Instead of expelling that energy through masturbation or frivolous sex, you're putting that pent up energy towards other things.  Those things should be positive like creativity or exercise.  This is called sexual transmutation.  If you don't properly transmute your energy towards creative processes, you will become stressed and on edge.  Ask me how I know?  You need to transmute the energy or you'll go nuts but once you properly transmute things get interesting.  Social anxiety fades away.  The sun feels brighter and the grass looks greener.  You feel a bit more pure, similar to how summers were as children.  This comes with a caveat, the brighter the morning, the darker the night.  Your highs are higher but your lows can get unfathomably low.

**I no longer practice semen retention or NoFap myself.  I found that I simply do not want a girlfriend or a partner.  The issue with semen retention and NoFap is that it made me get involved with people who I simply don't even find attractive or good.  If I was in a relationship, for sure I would practice semen retention and save myself for my partner.  Sexual pleasure/ejaculation is a biological need and to push against that without a steady release (sexual partners) you will become pent up or become involved with people you wouldn't otherwise.**

Bringing Children into This World you Can't Afford
I can't think of anything more selfish as having children you cannot afford or take care of.  If you can't afford it than who foots the bill?  It's either the government(tax payers), family or close friends.  Seems kind of selfish doesn't it? Avoiding having children is easy if you can think rationally and not be overcome with emotion.  Wear a condom, take birth control and have sex with people who you trust not to sabotage.  Don't finish inside the woman if you're a dude and don't let a woman trick you into doing so.  Well, will you look at that, no child.  If you're not willing to do the above than get prepared to be a parent.

Now. this is not to say that I don't wish the best for the children because I do and I sympathize with those who made the life altering decision of having a child. It's just if you haven't had any children yet, really think it through because you never get a chance to start over on this Earth.  Any dreams or aspirations are now secondary for your children and you will need to make sacrifices to provide these children with the chance to succeed.  That I respect.

Single Moms
We're having an epidemic of single moms.  1 in 6 children born in the United States are born without a father figure present.  First of all the fathers who left are complete pieces of shit.  Women have got to be more careful with who they choose to have intercourse with and make protection use paramount.  Then they'll travel around looking for a guy to raise and pay for their ex's kids.  It sound simple on the outside but on the inside creates allot of stress and conflict.  This leads to another issue of women and the concept of the wall.  

Women and the Wall
Men, especially in the ages of 25 to 30, have to be careful of women targeting you strictly to have children.  This goes doubly so if you have money or a good job.  Every woman has a biological clock that tells them to have children by age 30 at the latest.  Women will settle down before they hit the wall in order to have a child.  It's hard for women to accept but they are biologically most desirable between the ages of 18 and 24.  They'll sleep around for their younger years, oftentimes end up single, ask where all the good guys went and then SETTLE down to have a kid with someone they aren't even really attracted to.  It happens more than the media would care to admit.  Want to know self-inflicted  difficulty?  Try dating as a single mom.

Divorce Statistics and Marriage
Why get married?  Honestly, why set yourself up for financial and emotional ambush?  The divorce rate has gone up 251% since 1960.  Why should the government be involved between you and your loved one?  The whole thing is sham in my opinion.  The elaborate wedding, the expensive ring and the debauchery of bachelor/bachelorette parties.  1/3 of bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wife/husband admit to cheating on their significant other?  What kind of groundwork does that set for a long term monogamous relationship?  It gets even worse when I watch interviews with strippers, prostitutes and high price escorts.  They all say the majority of their clientele are married men.  Someone who a woman trusts, takes off his ring and cheats.  The same goes the other way with women, who will oftentimes monkey branch their way to better opportunities at the first sign of trouble.  

Marriage is a high risk and zero return business.  

The Loser Mentality of Many Married Men
If you do choose to get married, remember that your wife should be your co-pilot to a successful life and not your better half.  You are a separate person and you guys are a team, she is not the ruler.

"Happy Wife - Happy Life."
"My wife sent me out with a list."
"I'll have to ask the wife."
"My wife made me get rid of it."
"Can't let my wife find out!"

"You ran the marathon and now she wants to meet you at the finish line and claim victory."

Financial Fortress : Protection for Yourself and Others

I get questions from people often about personal finance, early retirement and financial independence.  This is my answer in its most distilled form. Enjoy!

The original Windsor Castle was build in 16 years and was constructed entirely of timber.  Timber is easily destroyed and burnt.  Henry the 2nd upgraded the castle to stone and that took 60 years.  View your finances as a castle and your job is to fortify it and change from timber to stone.  It will take a long time and effort but when your finished, your legacy will stand for generations just as Windsor Castle has.  It isn't always about yourself, it's about those who come after.  It isn't always about yourself, it's about those who come after.  I want to send people to school, build wells, feed the hungry and provide those less fortunate with opportunity.

Simplicity Is King
As with many things in life, the simplest answer is often the best answer.  When it comes to finances this is especially true.  Finance, in my humble opinion, can be split into three categories :
  1. Personal
  2. Investing
  3. Mind
While these following lists will seem simplistic, they follow the inch wide - mile deep philosophy.  Each one of these items don't need to be but can be delved into, forever.

  1. Establish a Budget.
    1. I can always help with this, it's very simple when you break it down.
  2. Establish 1 months of expenses for emergencies.
  3. Pay down debt.
  4. Establish 3 to 6 months of expenses for emergencies.
  5. Think of any large purchases you may want to make in less than five years.
    1. House
    2. Car
    3. Etc
  6. Put enough money away where you can sleep well, knowing whatever happens you can continue to live the life you need.
Investing (Done after the Above)
  1. Utilize 401k Match if Available.
    1. Invest in the cheapest and globally diversified portfolio you can.  This will most likely be some sort of Target Retirement Fund.
  2. Open Roth IRA through Vanguard
    1. Buy a Cheap Passive Globally Weighted Equity Index Fund.  My preference is VTWAX from Vanguard.
  3. Contribute Max to Roth IRA
    1. This will be difficult for many.
  4. Contribute Max to 401k
    1. This will be impossible for many.
  5. Open Brokerage/Taxable Account
    1. Buy a Cheap Passive Globally Weighted Equity Index Fund.  My preference is VTWAX from Vanguard.
  6. Contribute what you can every paycheck.
  7. Never Sell and Stay the Course.
  1. Delay Gratification
  2. Maintain a Stoic Mind
  3. Don't compare yourself to others
Closing Remarks
Repeat Until Wealthy, Long Lived and Strong.

Everything I write above is able to change.  I'll always be a student but these are the conclusions I've come to after spending allot of money on interviews, mentorships and conversations with some of the most successful people on this Earth.  If you have a convincing argument to the contrary please feel free to leave a comment so we can have a conversation.  My plan for this blog/future ebook will be to get multiple point of views from people with different backgrounds and ideas.

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