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The Get Strong Transformation Challenge : The True Program Minimum : My Plan : When to Skip : Keeping it Kavadlo

The Get Strong Transformation Challenge

By Adam Mundorf

The True Program Minimum

Why would you move an external object for exercise when you aren't even able to move yourself? I find many people who look over calisthenics as an easy modality but aren't even proficient in the basics. Some people can't even do a basic push-up or flat foot bodyweight squat. Reaching a certain level in calisthenics proficiency will lead to better performance in weight lifting but it doesn't go the other way. More body awareness has never been a bad thing.

The Get Strong Transformation Challenge provides all of the above in spades.

The Get Strong Transformation Challenge -- My Plan

The Get Strong Transformation Challenge provides you a zero to hero plan in calisthenics without delving into gymnastics or skill based training. There is some leeway with the way you approach off days, so I will be explaining that here.

All of workout days will look like this :

  • Workout
    • Get Strong Warm-Up
    • Get Strong Workout
  • Before Bed
    • 5 Minute Squat Hold
All of my off days will look like this :
  • Before Bed
    • Get Strong Warm-Up
    • 5 Minute Squat Hold
In the book you get the option between 60 and 90 seconds. I chose 90 seconds because if a program gives me the option of more rest, I think I'd be foolish not to take it.

So, as you see the workout days are just simply spent doing the program plus a squat hold before bed. The Kavadlo's recommend doing some sort of activity during the off days and specifically recommend the Get Strong Warm-Up as an off day activity. I already have a fairly active job so walking specifically isn't necessary. So I choose to do the Get Strong Warm-Up followed by a squat hold before bed. In the book, the Kavadlo Bros recommend holding a squat for several minutes everyday to help with mobility, flexibility and strength.

When to Skip

In the book, if you miss a day or the prescribed reps for a workout, you repeat that week. In the past, I was overly concerned with missing days and the like. No longer, perfection is the enemy of progress. Repeating the basics is not a bad thing. I have a pretty sporadic work schedule, so instead of the day type you'll see (-) when I have to skip. I'll then just continue with the day count like normal. Your body does not know the difference between 7 or 8 days.

This comes with a caveat. The ONLY reason you skip a session that isn't auto regulated (this program isn't) is when your schedule demands it! Never due to fatigue, lack of enthusiasm or laziness. We need to cultivate self discipline through consistent practice.

Keeping it Kavadlo
Eggs do not teach the chicken.  Experienced coaches know not to mess with programs.  I've seen it all the time and when I was younger I violated this principle myself.  Adding this and that, changing a program because you think you are smarter than the author.  I have news for you, being full of yourself for no reason whatsoever is the key to wasting your twenties and possibly thirties.  Do I really know more than the great Kavadlo brothers?  Do I have the right to change their formula?  I have no right and I do not know more than them.  This is why I am keeping it Kavadlo.

Only when I finish this program, I will do kettlebells once again.

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